Delivery & Carrier
Forum Russia & CIS

2 Nov 2017, Moscow,
Digital October Center

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About conference

Conference for content- and service providers, OTTs, broadcasters, carriers

The wholesale market for data transit at the crossroad. New opportunities for business development lie in the field of partnership and deeper integration with large data generators, services and traditional participants of the carrier market.

The focus of Content Delivery & Carrier ForumRussia & CIS - the logic of partnership in the new economic reality.

As part of the event, we will seek answers to the questions:

  • How to create new business models for interaction between different market participants, who provide and consume telecom services?
  • New growth points. What services can bring additional revenue to all interested parties?
  • What can carriers offer to major users of telecom services?
  • Ways to create the most efficient network and carrier telecom infrastructure


Why participate:

  • Content and cloud providers, broadcasters will be able to meet with potential partners, which guarantee data and traffic delivery to consumers
  • Carriers will be able to invite the leading media and Internet companies to discuss new opportunities of cooperation
  • Data centers will be able to get acquainted with new potential customers, expand the range of services offered in the partnership and attract new operators to their sites
  • Leading local and international operators will be able to meet face to face with current and future partners to discuss the development of their networks

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